Exhibition in the Nidau Gallery

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I will be having four of my photos in a joint exhibition with friends of the Royal Photographic Society, in the Nidau Gallery, Haupstrasse 13, 2560 Nidau, from the 8th of September until the 6th of October 2018.

The vernissage will be held on Friday the 7th, between 18.30 and 20.30 and the finissage on the 6th from 12.00 until 18.00. I will there during the vernissage & finissage and would be very happy to greet you there. If you can’t make it to the vernissage but like to visit the exhibition some other time, please let me know and maybe we can meet in the gallery. I plan to visit Nidau Gallery occasionally during the exhibition period.
For a visitor a gallery exhibition is an excellent possibility to view, study and admire photographs as they are supposed to be: printed on a right substrate. A digital image viewed on a mobile device can not compete with a properly printed photo.
So, come to see yourself. And because this is a gallery exhibition, the photos are also for sale.
The Nidau Gallery: http://www.nidaugallery.com/


The Royal Photographic Society is based in the UK, but there is a very active RPS Swiss Chapter organizing workshops and meetings throughout Switzerland. More about the chapter:  http://rps.org/regions-and-chapters/chapters/switzerland

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