there was hope in #dasischzüri!

Hope in #dasischzüri photo© #dasischzüri
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my photo “Hope” in the #dasischzüri photo exhibition!
The local radio station, Radio24, in cooperation with Photo15 organized at the end of May a huge Photo exhibition in Zürich. The photographers, professionals as well as amateurs, were encouraged to express Zürich as urban, open, dynamic, self-critical, humorous and modern. From several hundred photos sent, the curators selected one hundred and those were then distributed all over the city in oversize billboard form. The exhibition lasted around three weeks and was promoted on different websites and on Facebook. Different walking routes were also published and recommended, so that the city dwellers could better find and enjoy the photographs.
The exhibition was a success and at the finissage, where all photographers were invited, the promoters expressed their gratitude over the quality of the photos.
As mentioned, one of my photos was selected and I was really happy to notice that it was used, together with some others, also in the promotional material: advertising posters and on the web.
Above you see how the image was presented and below an adversisment and a photo from the finissage. All three photos © #dasischzüri.


photos© #dasischzüriphotos© #dasischzüri

Unfortunately in the posting instructions it wasn’t that clearly stated in which format (size) the image was supposed to be. The result was that some photos, including mine were cropped by the promoters. I’m not complaining, my photos was anyway selected, yet had I known, I would have done the cropping myself, to better preserve the original idea and expression. I post here the original, so you may see the difference.


Hope, Timo Lehto Photography

Hope, Timo Lehto Photography

The idea of hundred images all over the city was very innovative and fresh, and I wish for something similar in the future.
You can view all the images here .

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