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New images, new experiences. I had some of my photos in the photo18 exhibition, which took place in Zürich between the 12th and 16th of January 2018. My main goals were to show my images, to get feedback from the viewers and to meet fellow photographers. My overall experience was positive: I believe almost everyone from the 30 000 visitors saw my photos and quite many people stopped and viewed them for longer time. I had several interesting discussions, definitely more than two years ago in the photo16, but still many people, even when they are clearly interested in the images, are somehow afraid of asking and knowing more about them. This is not only my observation, the other exhibitors said the same.




Anyway, I enjoyed the exhibition. It was good to see so many different kind of works and generally the standards were quite high. I also visited all the Forum talks, which varied from boring to extremely fascinating, the latter being the Roger Ballen’s presentation: it was impressive and almost hypnotizing. Still after two weeks I am not sure if I have woken up from the trance he put us listeners in.

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